Nottingham’s International Ambassador – Sukhi Ghuman shortlisted for a record of awards

We were delighted to hear that one of our Ambassadors Sukhi Ghuman, Chief Executive Officer at Octavian Continental Limited, has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards this year.

The number of nominations exceeded our expectations. The categories that Sukhi was shortlisted for include Entrepreneur of the Year in Asian Achievers Awards and DNCC Awards, Executive of the Year, Diversified Services in International Business Awards, Responsible Business, Innovation and Entrepreneur of the Year in MSDUK Awards, Sikhs in Business: Entrepreneur in Sikh Awards, and Entrepreneur of the Year and International Business of the Year in IBBF Awards.

We were looking forward to hearing Sukhi’s thoughts on the nominations and his future plans for Octavian, as well as involving Nottingham in his business activities.

How do you feel about being shortlisted for several prestigious awards this year?

I am absolutely delighted. Both myself and Octavian have been up for a record number of awards relating mainly to domestic performance out of our Nottingham base.

Most of the awards you’ve been shortlisted for are in the Entrepreneur category. It proves your great entrepreneurship skills. Can we expect any new initiatives from you, any fresh business ideas?

All I can say is that I have tried to continually innovate. I am blessed with a supportive team and family. Both Octavian and I are constantly focussing on fresh business ideas and have created a global think tank, which should help us on a national and international level. I always encourage my team to look outside the box for fresh ideas and solutions.

Can you reveal any future plans for Octavian?

We are always seeking to consolidate the main hub of our business, which is run out of Nottingham. This is the base for everything good for Octavian; we will continue to push aggressively in the USA – which is really taking off now, as well as expand in Turkey and Africa. We are looking at new businesses also, some which are at conceptual stage at the moment.

How do you plan involving Nottingham in your future business activities?

Nottingham is and always will remain our International and National Hub. Nottingham has been the centre for all things good that I have ever been involved in. It is a city with a good pool of talent, authorities that respond to businesses and a great location. I want to not only start new businesses in Nottingham, but attract my own trading partners to Nottingham. I am looking to create an internal secondment programme where some of our USA staff will come to Nottingham and learn how we do things here; already a number of our Nottingham staff have spent time in the USA learning new ways of operating.

Most of the award ceremonies take place in the upcoming months. We wish Sukhi best of luck and hope for some great news. Read more about the awards mentioned in the above article:

Asian Achievers AwardsDNCC AwardsInternational Business AwardsMSDUK AwardsSikh Awards

Posted on 18 September 2014

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