Ambassadors set to fly the flag for Nottingham

A buoyant, well attended event at Hart’s Nottingham saw the launch of a new ambassador scheme to increase the impact of major events across the city.

Visit Nottinghamshire, part of Marketing NG and the Nottingham Hospitality Association (NHA) have joined forces to launch a new Event Ambassador Programme for Nottingham.

The programme will bring together The University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Hospitals NHS Trust with event venues and Visit Nottinghamshire to proactively attract new events and conferences to the city.

The programme aims to deliver more than £5million of research-led academic events alighted to Nottingham’s key research themes for 2018 and beyond.

Speaking on the ambitions for the programme, Brendan Moffett, Chief Executive of Marketing NG, said:

“We aim to build a network of 200 Event Ambassadors, who are passionate about showcasing their research and the very best of Nottingham to associations and organisations across the globe. Nottingham’s conference and event market generates approximately £100million annually for the local visitor economy, but there is still room for further growth. In order to achieve our ambitions, collaboration with Event Ambassadors is key.”


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Launching last week, Thursday 6 July, the event included presentations from Dr Sarah Goodacre and Professor Philip Moriarty on the work they’ve done in their fields to attract major academic conferences to Nottingham.

Keynote speaker Dr Sara Goodacre, Head of Division Cells Organisms and Molecular Genetics and Deputy Director of the BBSRC, enthralled the guests with an insight into the UK’s only Spider Lab and its focus on understanding how spiders travel. Goodacre praised the integral part the Ambassador programme has played in enabling her to secure the 30th European Congress of Arachnology in August. The annual event will be held in Nottingham with over 150 international delegates due to attend.

“We must think about what it is we do, remembering we are responsible for impact. The way to evidence impact is to host an event, take advantage of the networking possibilities, the scientific fun and the other opportunities it provides.”


Dr Goodacre highlighted that without the Ambassador programme she would not have made the bid to host the event. Explaining the success was due to knowing her own skillset and then working with other organisations to achieve results.

Professor Philip Moriarty, Professor of Physics at University of Nottingham, shared his experience of bidding and hosting the Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy conference in Nottingham in 2016. He attributed this success to working with the Ambassador Programme and Visit Nottinghamshire, to enable him to focus on the scientific side of the itinerary, whilst the Visit Nottinghamshire team used their expertise to lead on the social aspect of the trip, ensuring a memorable time for all 140 delegates.

Professor Moriarty once again urged the room to consider the impact of their work, explaining the Impact Agenda focus from the universities.

“There is now a larger willingness to connect with the local community, businesses, schools and wider groups outside of the academic society.”


Collaboration was a key theme throughout the event, with Richard Johal, Director of St James Hotel and Chairman of the NHA, confirming the organisations commitment to the programme. Johal stated that the focus to boost Nottingham’s visitor economy was integral but this couldn’t be done by one organisation alone, and required this form of partnership to make a significant impact.

Posted on 14 July 2017

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