Mood Disorders and Technology: Understanding and Meeting the Unmet Need

This latest event from MindTech (NIHR MindTech Healthcare Technology Co-operative) in association with Medilink East Midlands is aimed at raising interest with local life science and tech companies about health and wellness unmet needs, with a particular focus on mood disorders (depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder).

Delegates will connect with the NHS and the wider healthcare community including third sector organisations and people with experience of mood disorders, and with academics from the Institute of Mental Health (The University of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust), to exchange knowledge, spark ideas and explore possible technology-related solutions.

Following short presentations, the main part of the event will be interactive workshops to encourage discussion and provide opportunities for networking, which can be continued over lunch.

Why do we need this event? 

Mood disorder is an umbrella term for mental health problems where a person’s mood is disturbed. Mood can be elevated (called mania), lowered (called depression) or cycle between mania and depression (called bipolar disorder). Anxiety is also commonly associated with disturbed mood. Mood disorders are common, for example, by 2030, depression is forecast to be the leading cause of disease burden worldwide. However, despite the high prevalence rates, numerous barriers prevent people from seeking and accessing help. Digital technologies have the potential to greatly increase access to mental healthcare and improve outcomes by connecting people, services and health data in new ways. New applications of technologies are emerging all the time offering huge benefits to people with mood disorders, their families and clinicians/therapists. However, substantial gaps exist in the evidence base underlying their technologies. Greater patient and clinician involvement is needed to develop and evaluate technologies to ensure they target unmet needs, maintain public trust and improve outcomes.

This event is free to attend, please reserve your place by completing the ‘book online form’ here.  

Please note, places are limited and will be allocated evenly across patients/carers, industry, health and social care practitioners and researchers – therefore Medilink may take a few days to confirm your place by email. 

This no-charge event is funded by the Healthcare & Bioscience iNet – project part financed by ERDF

Posted on 07 August 2015

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