Checklist For Planning Outdoor Events In A Post Lockdown World

Checklist For Planning Outdoor Events In A Post Lockdown World

After a year full of rescheduled events and cancelations the UK is finally moving towards holding in person events once again. However this does not come without questions and uncertainties, rightly so.

With big named festivals such as Reading and Leeds and Creamfields planning to go ahead this summer it won’t be long till we see corporate events and conferences taking place.

According to plans announced on Monday 22 February, the Government hopes to lift all remaining restrictions on social contact in England by June 21 at the earliest. However, live indoor and outdoor events could take place even earlier if the restrictions are eased on May 17th, this includes indoor events with a capacity of 1,000 people and outdoor events with a capacity of 4,000 people.

We have spoken with industry leading technical event production company Stage Connections to get a better understanding of the events industry in a post Covid world and to ask for their checklist for planning outdoor events after the lockdown restrictions ease.

The ease of restrictions is welcomed by businesses and individuals alike. The return of live events will help to bring normality back after a year of uncertainty, however covid measures are still likely to be in place especially in the event industry to ensure participant safety.


Checklist For Planning Outdoor Events In A Post Lockdown World

Finding a suitable venue

This may seem obvious but with the impacts of covid-19 your event will need to take into account social distancing measures. This means finding larger event spaces to accommodate for the extra measures. This could also mean operating at a lower capacity to ensure extra space for social distancing.

Cleaning and Sanitation Stations

Providing sanitation facilities is a must for any outdoor event, including adding additional signage to remind guests about the importance of cleaning their hands regularly. Before your event, think about how the system of stanising is going to work, to ensure guest safety but also to ensure your event can run smoothly. For more information updated regularly by the government please review the Covid-19 guidelines for cleaning in non-healthcare settings.

Additional Covid Insurance 

Due to the uncertainty around events and covid-19 in most circumstances your insurance will not cover the callencation of an event,  for event insurance to cover cancellations due to Covid, the initial policy and additional communicable disease extension would have to have been taken out prior to the current outbreak. However, it is best to check the details of your event insurance with your insurance broker in regards to covid-19 measures.

Virtual Events 

Due to the nature of Covid-19 and the ever changing rules, it would be wise to have a backup event incase of tighter restrictions. This could be an online virtual event, virtual events bring your events to a global audience with our effective live streaming technology. To find out more about the services Stage Connections offer virtually visit their website today. 

Outdoor Event Production 

Planning outdoor events can be time consuming and difficult especially with the new restrictions in place. Take the stress out of your event planning and find out how Stage Connections can produce your outdoor event today. From festivals, to concerts, galas to conferences and launch events, Stage Connections has got your live event covered from start to finish. Get in touch with one of their expert advisors to start planning your outdoor event today.

Posted on 11 March 2021

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