East Midlands Conference Centre thriving following 2020 refurbishment

The East Midlands Conference Centre (EMCC) has long been a prominent fixture in the heart of Nottingham, standing as a beacon of excellence and innovation for conferences and events of all kinds. With its exceptional facilities and picturesque surroundings, the EMCC has played host to countless conferences, exhibitions, and seminars over the years.

This wonderful venue has undergone a two-million-pound refurb to their building and many of their spaces. The renovation has injected a whole new life into the venue and opened up even more opportunities for businesses and the general public alike.

Nottingham based photographer Taz (@shotbytaz) recently captured the new and updated venue in the form of a beautiful video which you can view on our social media channels.

The vision

The refurbishment of this iconic venue began with a goal of creating a more open and sustainable but welcoming space where delegates could enjoy their time and have great evens which they could look back on fondly.

Wanting to modernise the building, the space was created using more effective décor such as wooded walls and green backdrops.

The revamp was aimed at remodelling the building into a more collaborative space; the design concept is a subtle celebration of Nottinghamshire and the University’s culture.

What impact has this had on the Nottinghamshire region?

Geanina Stoicania, sales manager at Nottingham Venues, said: “It’s great to see that the venue has made amazing progress over the last couple of years, especially with the added difficulty of the pandemic, we’ve had some wonderful events here this year including the ORBS international conference which brought in healthcare professionals from all over the world.

“The East Midlands Conference Centre has been a multi used venue for awards dinners, business meetings and so many more exciting events for many years, but with the new refurb we can welcome even more sector events such as sustainability focused meetings which we are so proud to be able to host”.

The team have already had some wonderful feedback form visitors and event delegates who have been impressed with the comfort and spacious area of the building. Many people who have visited since the redevelopment have said it has been an uplifting change for the city and the onsite 202 – bed eco hotel has seen some of its busiest periods.

What impact has this had on the Nottinghamshire region?

The East Midlands Conference Centre’s refurbishment has not only benefited its immediate clientele but has also had a positive impact on the East Midlands as a whole. The enhanced facility attracts more visitors from various parts of the UK and beyond, boosting the local economy by increasing tourism and encouraging longer stays in Nottingham.

This in turn, has also led to the creation of many jobs as well as economic growth, which has been a huge benefit to the Nottinghamshire community.


The East Midlands Conference Centre’s recent renovation is a testament to the excellent venue and the dedicated team behind it all. By combining modernity, sustainability and aesthetics, the EMCC has transformed into a world – class conference and events venue, attracting clients, visitors and attention from all corners of the globe. Its impact extends well beyond its walls, enhancing the local economy and making Nottingham a more vibrant and sought after destination for conferences and business events. This renovation is a shining example of how a well – loved venue can evolve while maintaining its legacy of excellence.

Head over to our social media here, to check out the video.

To book an event or conference at the East Midlands Conference Centre, or to enquire about the space and facilities available there, contact us via email at conferences@visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk or call 07495 987 101 to find out more.

Posted on 08 December 2023

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