Nottingham has many accolades and strengths under its belt when it comes to the scientific discoveries. From University findings to entrepreneurial inventions which are still used widely today, Nottingham is home to many of the world’s well-known innovations.

Our People

We’re firm believers that the essence of Nottingham’s greatness lies in its people, who not only shape its incredible history but also drive its ongoing legacy. Among them are pioneers and leaders in scientific discovery, whose groundbreaking contributions have left a lasting mark on the world, with some of their innovations still in active use today.

Ada Lovelace, known as the world’s first computer programmer, is one of Nottingham’s most well-known scientific figures and is celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of October during ‘Ada Lovelace Day’. Ada’s Day is a celebration of women in science and a fantastic example of how strong and capable women can achieve incredible things.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, many people may not be aware that Ibuprofen, one of the most common forms of medication used today, was created right here in Nottingham. Dr Stewart Adams, a Nottingham scientist, was working at a former Boots site (which is now BioCity) when he made this breakthrough discovery.

One of the most commonly used pieces of medical equipment used today, the MRI scanner, was created by Sir Peter Mansfield, a University of Nottingham professor. There are now two Sir Peter Mansfield imaging centres in Nottingham to honour his work; one based at University Park and the other within the medical school at Queens Medical Centre.

Our Companies

Some incredible and world-renowned companies started right here in Nottingham; one of these being Boots pharmacy. Built in the 1930s was designed by Sir E Owen Williams, and founded on Pelham Street Nottingham. The store was originally opened as a way of offering affordable alternatives of traditional medicines to those who needed remedies for their illnesses but couldn’t afford it.

BioCity, the UK’s largest bioscience innovation and incubation centre, is right here in Nottingham. The £27 million discovery building was built by Nottingham-based construction company Willmott Dixon in collaboration with architects at Nottingham-based CPMG to create the stunning space. The building is now managed by Pioneer Group, Europe’s leading vertically integrated platform curating innovation-focused ecosystems that increase the chance of business success.

Our Research

With two world-class universities, research and discovery are what we do best.

When coronavirus hit, the world switched off. But a trial collaboratively funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research alongside the Medical Research Council; allowed students at the University of Nottingham to look deeper into how people were able to decrease post vaccination symptoms during the pandemic. Research revealed that people with inflammatory conditions are able to improve the antibody response from a COVID – 19 booster vaccination by interrupting the treatment of immune suppressing medicines for two weeks immediately after having the vaccine.

Scientists at Nottingham Trent University have been part of a collaborative discovery which will enhance medical technology. The development of the ExoArc chip will allow blood plasma to be directly isolated from a tube of blood in just 30 minutes. This innovation is set to revolutionise clinical analysis and screening for diseases such as cancer and type two diabetes.

Our Events

Meet in Nottingham have helped to bring a catalogue of scientific conferences and events to Nottingham.

One of these was the NSpine conference which took place in 2013 and was a huge success for the healthcare industry within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Held across a collection of our venues including the University of Nottingham, Albert Hall and Crowne Plaza, the event saw spinal experts from across the globe attend the event to hear from industry leaders within this sector. The conference received fantastic feedback form a number of delegates including Dr Sherief Elsayad who said: “All of the elements of the event worked together to make it a success and the support provided by the Meet in Nottingham team was invaluable”.

More recently, we’ve hosted the ORBS International Scientific Conference which brings together members of the medical and science sector to discuss topics around oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery. Nottingham has hosted this event since 2016 at the East Midlands Conference Centre (Nottingham Venues) and provides a platform for researchers, scientists, and experts from various disciplines to come together, share their latest findings, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration.

Hold your next conference or event in a place with incredible history in the world of science and medicine. Contact our team today to discover Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s conference and event venues. If you have an enquiry regarding an event or conference in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire then please contact our team by emailing conferences@visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk, visiting our website; or for a more personal form of communication, you can give our team a call on 0115 962 8320.

Posted on 02 April 2024

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