Indoor Crystal Quest – team building event

This indoor team building event is perfect for improving communication within your team, establishing a chain of command and developing delegation skills, the indoor crystal quest has everything you need.

Experience with your team this classic event and create a unique and engaged environment. Teams will have to communicate and work together more than ever before – to get the crystals the teams will need to work together. The Indoor Crystal Quest has all the quirky and exclusive features all made in house to create the best intriguing and challenging games for your team building activity, perfect for any office and teams of all sizes.

If you are looking for a team building event that draws your team away from the day to day activities in the office, then indoor crystal quest is perfect! Everyone involved can enjoy all the challenges and test their own ability to conquer the quest itself.

There are five fantastically themed zones for you to crack. All with mental and physical challenges, teams must beat each challenge to release the crystal! Everyone’s skills combined will determine whether these challenges will be beaten, can your team pull together when it matters?

Good things to know:

• Suitable anywhere from 5-25 people in a one 1.5hr session, so it is great to have set up in the office and have everyone rotate around at different times, as well as great for small teams within a bigger organisation to get to know everyone.

• Indoor Crystal Quest can be delivered to you in a boardroom/ office during office hours without taking too much time out of the working day.

• It tests both mental ability and physical dexterity whilst promoting a healthy spirit of competition between co-workers.

• Great for any office/ boardroom/ conference room from 5sqM upwards. If the room comes with tables that is great, but if not, Off Limits team will always send their own. Power IS NOT needed but is always appreciated. Setup takes approx.  30 minutes and pack down the same amount of time.


For more information about the Indoor Crystal Quest please contact our team. To find out more about Off Limits Event Professionals – the organisers of this fantastic team building – please click here.

Posted on 18 September 2018

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Featured author

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